For Non A/C: Rs. 800/- * (Sunday to Thursday)

For Non A/C: Rs. 1100/- * (Friday to Saturday)

Family Suite

For A/C : Rs. 2800/- * (Sunday to Thursday)
For Non A/C: Rs. 2400/- *
(Sunday to Thursday)

For A/C : Rs. 3200/- * (Friday to Saturday)
For Non A/C: Rs. 2700/- *
(Friday to Saturday)

Executive Suite

For A/C : Rs.3000/-*  (Sunday to Thursday)

For A/C : Rs.3500/-*  (Friday to Saturday)


A/C  Single Occupancy: Rs.1300/-*  (Sunday to Thursday)
A/C  Double Occupancy: Rs. 1500/-
* (Sunday to Thursday)

Non A/C  Single Occupancy: Rs.1100/-* (Sunday to Thursday)
Non A/C  Double Occupancy:Rs.1300/-*  (Sunday to Thursday)

A/C  Single Occupancy: Rs.1600/-* (Friday to Saturday)
A/C  Double Occupancy: Rs.1800/-*
 (Friday to Saturday)

Non A/C  Single Occupancy: Rs.1300/-* (Friday to Saturday)
Non A/C  Double Occupancy: Rs.1500/-* (Friday to Saturday)


1. Above mentioned Rates are in Indian Rupees
2. Above mentioned Rates are exclusive of GST
3. Above mentioned tariff is applicable till  November 30th, 2019
4.* Conditions apply